Problem with `maxweight` tag

Hi, when I try to calculate the route between these two points 45.073809, 8.903389/45.045078, 8.908732 with heavy vehicle and HGV setting weigth 44 t, the route passes through a bridge in 45.061973, 8.904591 “Ponte Gerola” which in OpenStreetMap has the property MaxWeight 3.5 t. Where is my mistake?

Hi Enrico,
can you provide your entire query? Either the url if you’re on the frontend or your API query?

I am using the frontend:,8.910427,44.899341,8.863769&b=4a&c=0&f6=1&f1=44&k1=en-US&k2=km

The weight restriction in this particular case is most probably not being picked up because a few weeks ago when we parsed the OSM data for routing maxweight on the bridge was incorrectly set to 3,5 rather than 3.5. This issue should resolve itself as soon as we rebuild the graphs on our servers, probably with release 4.7.2. There are, however, certain other known issues with hgv restrictions on which we currently work, see

Thank you for the replay. When the new release will be available?

Just to be sure. I am interested in routing for tank trucks with dangerous goods overall weight 44 ton and length 15 meters. I set the following options: driving-hgv, weigth 44 ton, length 15 meters, fastest path, no track and dangerous goods. Are they correct or do you have other suggestions?

Thank you for your feedback!

Yes, your weight-dimension specifications seem reasonable. For completeness, you might consider setting width and height as well to avoid any low underpasses.

Regarding the 4.7.2 release, it’s scheduled for the second week of December.