Problem in an Austrian City

I just found out, that there is a problem with the coordinates on the Austrian City “Wörgl”.
If you search for Wörgl with a specific address or not it gives you the coordinates of the forest or mountain near to Wörgl.

I tried Angather Weg or Christian Thaler Straße, but always got following coordinates:

I think there is some misconfiguration, as this is the only city this is happening.

Thank you


this is an issue with the geocoding engine, in our case Pelias. It combines a lot of data sources to cover as much as possible. In the case of Wörgl, the data comes from Whosonfirst.
The centroid for the returned polygon unfortunately is the mentioned point, contact them on github if you’re looking to change that.

As for searching for Angather Weg or Christian Thaler-Straße, I cannot confirm your findings - both yield acceptable answers mapping directly onto the streets…

Best regards