Preference setting - unclear meaning; Destructive behavior of "add as destination"

Sorry to add yet another suggestion. I could as well combine them but you may prefer to have individual topics in this forum.

The meaning of the preference setting “Convert stop after route ending to destination” is quite unclear to me. I do not understand what is meant here. I would suggest that another title is used for this setting.

I may also add that the old right-mouse-click-context-menu item “add as via point” was much more intuitive for me. A “via point” is for me a clearly defined phrase. The context-menu items in the new layout show behavior for me that is quite unexpected. It can even happen that a constructed route is completely lost if a wrong item is selected at the end of a route building process. That is really highly annoying!

The “direct to here” function would be expected to just add a final destination point. But what actually happens is that all “via points” are removed - beyond return, it seems. Even if this behavior is known to the user, it may happen inadvertedly and cause a route to be lost! Not to be desired.
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See Route download: undesired file name extension