Preference not available for matrix endpoint

I am new to using the ORS plug-in through QGIS and ran into this same issue. The solution makes sense, but how do I change the preference parameter for matrix queries in the QGIS plug-in? I don’t see it in the “ORS Tools” toolbox; the main form allows selection of “Travel mode” only, and the advanced options (“Algorithm Settings”) don’t seem to support that preference change either. There is a preference option in the menu (accessed via “Web” → “ORS Tools” → “ORS Tools”), but as far as I can tell that only impacts the waypoint navigation function - not the matrix function in the toolbox.

I might be missing something obvious, so any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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no, you’re not missing something - this is an option that is not available for the matrix endpoint.
Compare our API docs for an overview of all available parameters.

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Okay, thanks. Good to know!

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