Prefer route=bicycle for bicycle routing?

Not sure if this topic is correctly filed, but here it goes.

I try to route a bicycle between Weißenfels and Bad Sulza. Between these two cities is the Elsterradweg (bicycle route). However, the routing algo carefully avoids the bicycle route to save some kilometers. Even going so far as sending the cyclist toward an avoidable hill. See: (the red-ish colored way is the bicycle route - D11)

Would it be possible to implement an option: “prefer route=bicycle”?

Thanks a bunch & regards

Hi @tka,

I’m not sure if this is possible, we currently are more at a point where we try to cut back on functionality.
But you can nevertheless file an issue in our backend repository for this.

If you just want the route instructions/ geometry for the route, you could also add waypoints to follow it like,11.969767,51.205082,11.952395,51.18709,11.881456,51.169818,11.796656,51.151625,11.755114,51.143844,11.718206,51.127835,11.719902,51.108696,11.711082,51.093032,11.632311,51.091113,11.629118&b=1a&c=0&k1=en-US&k2=km

Best regards

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, that workaround is sometimes quite tedious depending on the route. But I understand - ORS can only do so much.

Well, maybe I find another tool for my bicycle routing; for anything else I can trust ORS.