Possible to build from source without external repositories?


Is it possible to build openrouteservice from source on ubuntu without access to the external repositories specified in the pom.xml file (JFrog and Repository - Nexus Repository Manager I think)? One potential route could be to download the required artefacts and manually SCP these across to the server but (if this would work) how would I need to edit the pom.xml file to reflect this?

For context, I am in an environment where using Docker isn’t possible and the available ubuntu server does not have an open outbound SSL port. The instructions to build from source are very helpful but fail in my context at the mvn package line as I cannot connect to these repositories.

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there are two approaches that we could think of, but haven’t tested any.
The first would be to build the ORS on a machine with internet access and copying the .m2-folder containing the maven packages.
The second and apparently correct way would be to copy all the relevant .jar-files and use mvn install:install-file to install them.

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Thank you much appreciated. I will give these a go

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