Possible bug in bearing_before and bearing_after after roundabouts?

I’m currently trying to use the bearing_before and bearing_after to create a little svg instruction icon. That works really well, except when the instruction is on a roundabout. it seems the bearing_after is off when an instruction is going across a roundabout. As an example:
this is a short little bit of a route that goes from a highway to a local way, and goes across three roundabouts. The first roundabout, the bearing_before is 212, which is correct (going southwest, more or less). Taking the third exit is also correct, but then the bearing_after should be something like 120 - it’s about a 90-degree angle to the left (viewed from the driving position). It is given as 277 however, which is not even 180 degree wrong. The next step then gives as bearing_before 126, which is actually what I’d expect given this route as the bearing_after for the previous instruction.

This seems to happen with every (Dutch?) roundabout for as far as I can see. I haven’t checked elsewhere yet. My current workaround is pretty simple, if I encounter a roundabout I use the bearing_before from the next instruction instead of the bearing_after of the current point, but that does not always work very well if there is a long twisty road after the roundabout.


this is not a bug per se, just a correct but possibly unhelpful response.
Have a look at this issue in the backend for an explanation of what is going on.

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