Possibility to show icons for maneuver instructions

I currently use ORS for my project. I would like to ask, if it’s possible to show icons (seeing the picture below) for maneuver instructions with directions API? I haven’t found any convenient way to show those icons yet. Maybe I have to analyze the instructions text to select the appropriate icon. Anyway, it could be really helpful if I missed this function and get some suggestions.


Thank your team for this wonderful project. Have a good day.

Hi @rssws

Inside the response where you get instructions there are some things that can help, but don’t cover everything. There is the part of the response called “type” (properties -> segments -> steps -> type) which provides a number representing the type of turn:

0 - Turn left
1 - Turn right
2 - Turn sharp left
3 - Turn sharp right
4 - Turn slight left
5 - Turn slight right
6 - Continue
7 - Enter roundabout
8 - Exit roundabout
9 - U-turn
10 - Finish
11 - Depart
12 - Keep left
13 - Keep right
14 - Unknown

For the other items (i.e. ramps, merge and ferry) there isn’t really any way of getting the information directly, so for those it would need to be a case of looking into the instruction text. I don’t believe that things such as “use ramp” or “merge” ever get returned in instructions though.

Thank you very much for the fast reply! It is really helpful!