Point 0 is out of bounds

Hi all
I’ve deployed ors on my server using dockers - on default settings everything went well, but when I’ trying to use some other extract (poland in this case) I’m getting exception “Point 0 is out of bounds”.

  1. I downloaded extract into ./docker/data folder
  2. I made new config basing on template to point this extract
  3. I’ve found also additional ./Dockerfile with a path to config so changed there also
  4. I’ve removed all containers and images from docker and everything from ./docker/build
  5. “docker-compose up” was running about 2h and I got “8922076 [INFO] BUILD SUCCESS”
  6. Script failed on step 11 “An HTTP request took too long to complete” so “export COMPOSE_HTTP_TIMEOUT=240” and rerun
  7. ors-core launched with proper extract “====> Initializing profiles from ‘data/poland-latest.osm.pbf’ (1 threads) …”

After all doesn’t work properly… when I ask:

Im getting:

code 2010
message “Point 0 is out of bounds: 51.954845,20.146179”

Attaching log from ors-core

Is there something else? What am I doing wrong?

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Hi @jendrusk1,

after downloading the new pbf, did you remove the graphs folder forcing ORS to build the new street network for Poland?

Cheers, Tim

Hi @timothy

Thank you for your hint - of course I didn’t… Maybe that’s because documentation about running on own extract is hm… quite ascetic?

Now everything seems working well - thank you for your time and have nice day :slight_smile:

Hi Jendrusk, nice to hear :slight_smile: and yep, we will update the documentation! Cheerio, Tim

Hi there, I am facing the same problem: Error message:

404 Not Found
{“error”:{“code”:2010,“message”:“Point 0 is out of bounds: -121.978,37.7799”},“info”:{“engine”:{“version”:“5.0.1”,“build_date”:“2019-05-29T14:22:56Z”},“timestamp”:1566313823484}}

My simple code is:

import requests
body = {“coordinates”:[[37.7799,-121.9780],[37.8044,-122.271]]}
headers = {
‘Accept’: ‘application/json, application/geo+json, application/gpx+xml, img/png; charset=utf-8’,
‘Authorization’: ‘xxxxxxx’}
call = requests.post(‘https://api.openrouteservice.org/v2/directions/driving-car’, json=body, headers=headers)

print(call.status_code, call.reason)

All I need is driving distance / duration for a data set of start/end locations in the US. How do i download the pbf and where do i need to store it?

Thanks for the support, sorry I am beginner in programmer.

Hi @MatthiasZutter, it’s most likely that you have the coordinates the wrong way around. In the API call they should be longitude, latitude.

@adam, thanks, that fixed it!