POI R Client Coordinate issue

URL: Dashboard | ORS

I am currently using the R Client to gather information for Points of Interest across a city in the UK with the coordinates (52.4730,1.9826) to (52.4597,1.9617), but I am finding that all coordinates I enter provides results from the ocean.

I have tried swapping Lon,Lat etc as suggested.
I have GeoJSON files that I can use but I am not sure about the method to specify them through the Client.

Any comments appreciated.

You can find an example on how to query the POIs endpoint in the package vignette.


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Hi @Jack_Batty , (52.4597,1.9617) is indeed in the ocean so there’s no ambiguity there. I wonder if you mean (52.4597,-1.9617) which is in Birmingham? Longitudes can be positive or negative depending on which side of the prime meridian they are. Likewise latitudes and the equator

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