Plug with PostgreSQL

It is easy to connect Java’s Openrouteservice infrastructure with PostgreSQL/PostGIS?

All my OSM data, and all the other (plug at backend) solutions are in SQL … But I do not see something like pgRouting in use. So, there are two questions in one,

  1. Has anyone already tried to connect PostgreSQL with the Openroutes Java service?

  2. It seems that the main backend (and open-source) softwares are not optimized to run in an SQL environment… Is it?
    (e.g. Openrouteservice backend and GraphHopper backend)

Hi, I’m new here and the routing algorithms are also new to me.

Hi @ppKrauss,

currently we do not support reading from postgis databases, and the only data import that can be used is via the .osm and .osm.pbf files. You could however try using a tool like Osmosis to convert the data in the postgis database into an OSM pbf file and then use that file as the datasource for openrouteservice