Please remove sac_scale=* tag filtering for bike-road profile


In OSM many longer easy hiking trails in Switzerland are interrupted by rural asphalt roads and run along them. This results in many rural paved roads being tagged with sac_scale=hiking.

This renders the road bike profile completely useless because ways tagged sac_scale=* are being rejected according to the documentation:

Simple example: Openrouteservice Maps

There’s plenty of even more absurd examples.

I would suggest to remove this tag filter so that only the general bike filter sac_scale!=hiking applies.

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Hi @jockie,

i think this should rather be fixed in the OSM data:
if you look at the description of the sac_scale tag, this should not exist on a road with highway:unclassified especially if it is asphalted.

If you still want to vote for a different tag filtering for the road bike profile, please open an issue in our backend repository including examples, so this can be further discussed there.

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Thanks. I’ve done some bulk-editing in my neck of the woods. Removed sac_scale=hiking wherever surface=(asphalt|paved).

  1. Changeset: 124944081 | OpenStreetMap
  2. Changeset: 124944029 | OpenStreetMap
  3. Changeset: 124943894 | OpenStreetMap

@amandus The OSM guys just reverted all three changesets, because they see the sac_scale matter differently. Any chance that the sac_scale=* filter could be removed from at least the ORS roadbike profile?

@jockie i’ve commented on the changeset as well. I still see the tagging on that road rather not in line with the tag description, but local communities can be quite defensive when it comes to their edits ^^.

But yeah, for future edits probably keep that in mind. Let’s see how they respond. I doubt that they want that changed.

As mentioned above you can still open an issue in the ors repository and suggest a different tag filtering.

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