Planning a route with ORS tools

Hi, can someone try to help me to understand how to work with ORS tools? I’ve started to do something with this plugin but now I want to start working on a route for a vehicle like a garbage truck with multi stops but now I’m a bit stuck.

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Garbage collection? That’d be far outside of what you can do with that fairly simple plugin. What you want is solving the Chinese postman problem. There’s the start of an implementation from the vroom author: But not that useful (yet). No other FOSS solution I’m aware of.

Long story short, the plugin won’t help you much…

Maybe worthwhile sifting through the pgrouting docs, they might’ve implemented some experimental Chinese postman solver. Anyways, that’s the keyword you’re looking for.

Hey Matt, We are trying to solve a similar problem for snow plowing. Did you ever find a solution? Let me know when you have a chance. Thanks, Mike