Persian translation completed

hi there, i recently completed Persian (fa-IR) translation for openstreetmap. could you please update api’s so we can use Persian words in direction api’s?
the file that i write my translate:

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thank you very much for adding a persian translation to the openrouteservice.

The API instructions have been expanded a bit since then. I have transferred your translation to our repo, so if you want you can edit this translation file to both translate the new instructions and to check whether I transferred everything correctly.

Once this file is correct, it should be included in the API rather quickly.

All translation for the client is unfortunately obsolete. The google doc is outdated, which has only been noted on there recently, and we have since developed a new client. If you want to translate the new client to persian, please refer to the contribution documentation.

In any case, your contribution and help is very welcome :slight_smile:
Best regards,