Pelias autocomplete performance


I’m trying to search for adresses via v2/autocomplete. Comparing to Google Maps, seems like pelias needs a more accurate insertion of the starting Part to enable autocomplete to geht results. It seems like wildcarding or “contains” queries are not possible.

Can you confirm these observations or do I Just usw the API wrong?
Amy suggestions in how to get more results back from this API?


Better asked in Pelias gitter channel:

Im wondering how others here implement such a functionallity?
I’ve been googling around now for some time to check out what is possible on this topic.

From my point of view there are the following solutions:

  • Pelias, which is used by ORS
  • komoot/ photon which seems a little out of development, but seems to perform well
  • nominatim (original by OSM), which is good for search, but does not work well for autocomplete

What do other users use here as autocomplete? Are you all running well with Pelias, or do you use something different?

My users report (I can also confirm that) that sometimes they have difficulties in finding and address with the autocomplete feature…

Happy for any opinion.

There is the option of setting the focus.point parameter. If you set it to the current map center it may improve your results quite a bit.

Best regards