Pedestrian routes not calculating


When I try to calculate a route for pedestrians, it doesn’t seem to work anymore. I get the following error message:

Code 2099: Unable to compute a route”

Kind regards

We’re having some problems with foot-walking/hiking, which should be corrected by the end of the day. Best try again tmrw.

Still: can you please give the query URL and parameters for the request that failed?

Hi Nils,

It doesn’t matter which region or route. It doesn’t work since yesterday to calculate a route for pedestrains, no matter if you choose walking or hiking. Same route works fine for bikes or cars.

Thanks for the reply.

Sure, here’s the link:,10.33026,51.678144,10.35543,51.690383,10.361137&b=2&c=0&k1=en-US&k2=km
All default settings for walking.

Though, as Wandersaxe says, it happens with every route, but works fine for car or bicycle.

Ok, seems to be solved now. Good job!

Keep up the good work. Thanks