Parameters surface, waytypes, steepness on QGIS


I am relatively new to the software but find it insanely helpful, so thanks first of all. I am doing a project where I would like to investigate on new cycling lanes in the province of Bergamo. I got myself a token and currently work with the QGIS-plugin to combine various data. I would like to have the information about steepness, wayypes and surface also on QGIS as you provide on your homepage, to make a better analysis. Is there a possibility to have also this information in QGIS, something like an upgrade or something? Thanks in advance, Greets Philip


there currently isn’t a way of adding these in the QGIS plugin, and we don’t have any upgraded plugins that do it - there is only the free ORS tools plugin.

You can post something on the tool github page as an issue with a feature request tag and then the developers can look and see if it is something that could be added and schedule it into the development. - GitHub - GIScience/orstools-qgis-plugin: Plugin for QGIS with a set of tools to use openrouteservice API´s, based on openstreetmap

Thanks for your answer,

I found kind of a way around by analysing the rawdata which comes with the ors json download. Thank you anyway. Greets

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