Output layer error while trying to do multiple Directions request

Hello, I have an issue while I try to make multiple directions request from points (One layer) within the ORS Tools in QGIS 3.10

For this, I try with five .gpkg files, then I upload them, but I don’t know what the “Output Layer” column is made for.
Moreover, once the processus is executed (and fail), the log show me, for each .gpkg file, that it is impossible to create the new output layer.
Displayed error : "Error OGR : sqlite3_open(myfilename.gpkg) failer: unable to open database file)

PS : the processus is a success for one operation (with only one .gpkg file, but fail here with the multiple execution.

Can anyone help me with this issue ?

Best regards,

My understanding is that to use the tools as batch processing, you need to provide an output file for the data to be written to - that is what the output layer column is for. When providing that I managed to run the directions from points 1 layer as a batch process with multiple inputs without issue.

So if you still can’t run it after entering the output file name, i assume it would be a problem with the source data so I would suggest trying it with a different dataset and see if that works

Thanks for the help, my problem is already resolved :wink: