OSR is unable to calculate route on fresh OSM data

Hi, I cannot calculate routes on recent OSM data. Here an example:
and Brouter

OSM data are more than 45 days old.


The BRouter link doesn’t contain a route. But yeah, it’s true, we’re lagging behind lately. We’re sorting out a lot of infrastructure changes in the past months which need to be solved.

We should do a better job soon again with at least biweekly updates.

Thank you so much, for me frequently updates are important.

Agreed, we need to solve that.

When hosting our own instance of openrouteservice (haven’t started to yet), is there a configuration for how frequently updates are pulled from OSM? Is this data pulled automatically or something we do manually?

Automatic data pulls is not part of the repository. By design. It’s usually smth you’d like to have control over, e.g. the data builder would usually be on another server than the production server etc.

So either manually or, if you can, scripted.

Thanks! So looking again at https://github.com/GIScience/openrouteservice/blob/master/README.md It looks like I would just update our pbf file as referenced in https://github.com/GIScience/openrouteservice/blame/master/README.md#L55 however often we need? I see that some providers offer smaller geographic regions in their extracts. Would I need to do anything to let our ORS instance know this has happened? Like tell it it’s a subset of world or restart server if I update the pbf file?