ORS works in browser but not in QGIS

Hi I’ve successfully set up ORS using docker for the city of Amsterdam. It is able to compute routes in my browser, but I’m not able to make any isochrones with it using QGIS (with plugin). Does anyone know why this is the case?

Hi @patrickuva,

the rest of your error message is cut out.

But make sure you actually use the thisone provider in the request, and the profile you are using are actually available http://localhost:8080/ors/v2/status

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Thanks for the quick reply. I used the thisone provider in the request and the local host status looks okay.
Here are some additional screenshots:

It either seems to be a faulty provider configuration, or it can’t read the provider settings correctly.
I get the same error if i set the provider url to : :8080/ors.
Please double check your provider configuration. And probably also check the file contents of:

Maybe it’s an issue with the QGIS Version 3.28 i will check that.

You should also make sure your ors configuration supports the time and distance intervals you are going to use:

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