Ors/v2/directions/driving-car - getting error

Hi, I’m trying to run a route on a local ors instance, receiving an error.

We are running openrouteservice docker (downloaded from /GIScience/openrouteservice ) on localhost:8080 .
We download from geofabrik italy-lates.osm.pbf and added it to the configuration at docker-compose.yml .
We are trying to get the distance by calling post request on localhost:8080/ors/v2/directions/driving-car with the coordinates [[9.1896346, 45.4641943], [8.545997, 45.58425]] but we received an error:
“error”: {
“code”: 2099,
“message”: “Unable to get an appropriate route profile for RoutePreference = driving-car”
“info”: {
“engine”: {
“version”: “7.0.1”,
“build_date”: “2023-03-08T12:06:41Z”
“timestamp”: 1687707003246

We tried to get distance from routes in other countries like portugal and succeeded but with larger pbf files (like italy and spain) we fail and receive the above error.

OS: Xubuntu 22.02

Is there a way to manage to calculate using large pbf files?
Thank you very much


When running a different pbf, it’s a good idea to move or remove previously built graphs, as the pbf doesn’t matter if the ors is able to pick up any graphs.

The error suggests that the ors isn’t done building or hasn’t picked up the correct config.
Note, that bigger pbfs may take quite some time to completely build the graphs.
Check the /health endpoint to see whether the ors is ready.

Best regards