ORS Tools - Mathematical methodology


I’m trying to find out what kind of algorithm ORS Tools uses, but I haven’t been able to find a concrete answer anywhere.

  • Points (2 Layers) - Shortest
  • Isochrones


the ORS Tools are just the QGIS plugin to more easily use the openrouteservice from within QGIS.
Thus, I assume you’re not interested in the plugin algorithms but rather in the openrouteservice algorithms.

First, there is no difference between the several Points processing algorithms - they all end up querying the openrouteservice the same way.
What routing algorithm is used depends a bit on the query parameters - usually, this will be an algorithm based on the A* algorithm, using several speedup techniques.

The isochrone processing algorithms use a similar routing algorithm to construct a shortest path tree from a given starting point, cutting off after a given time or distance. They’ll then construct a concave hull from the found points.

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