ORS Tools for QGis: Howto use it to solve traveling salesman problem


I’m using the ORS Tools Plugin for QGIS (3.4) .
I would like to use for solving a t’raveling salesman problem’. Thus there are about 10 points which need to be visited by the most efficient way.

Does ORS fit to this question or is it limited to 1:1 routing?
If this is a job for ORS how to feed it with the necessary data? Currently I got all points on in a geojson.

Not yet. But good point, been neglecting it a little. I could work a little on TSP support in the plugin. That won’t be available before end of next week though.

Note, we also do have a full-blown optimization endpoint for more complex vehicle routing problems, like multiple vehicles with service times etc:


You’ll find an example on how to use with Python in this notebook:

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Track the progress here: