ORS tool version 1.2.0 - Avoid tags

Good morning,
using the new version of the ORS plugin (version 1.2.0) I would need to create an isochrone from a layer of points, but I would like to avoid highways. I noticed that the option can be selected in the “Advanced Directions” tab - “Advanced configuration”, but if I select the “Avoid tags” - “Highways” option and then go to the “Batch Jobs” menu - “Isochrones from layers” and I carry out the operation, the generated area actually takes into account also the highways. Do I make a mistake or is the option usable only for “Advanced Directions” at the moment? Many thanks in advance!

P.S. sorry for my english!

Yep, that’s not supported for batch stuff. It’s super expensive for our servers, so we can’t support it atm.

That might however change in a few months.

Thanks a lot for the answer, Nils!