ORS on Android not working


Will the issues of using OpenRouteService on Android be fixed anytime soon?

I create a route on my pc and then save the link to it, so that I can view it and use it later on. Opening the link on Android only shows the details of the route.
It does not show the map with the route.
I have tried in Google Chrome and Firefox browsers on Android. Neither work.


The current maps client is not compatible with mobile devices, but we are currently working on a new client which is. It is in development at the minute but we are hoping to get it out for beta testing in the next couple of months

Thanks Adam for the update.

@James787, we already have a version out for testing on
It’s still not finished but you might already use it.

You can leave feedback here in the forum under the https://ask.openrouteservice.org/c/maps/

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