ORS does not have directions but OSM does

I am trying to get directions between the following coordinates using ORS directions:

However, I am getting the following error:
{“error”:{“code”:2010,“message”:“Could not find routable point within a radius of 50000.0 meters of specified coordinate 0: 125.7627000 -18.1610000.”},“info”:{“engine”:{“build_date”:“2023-07-09T01:31:50Z”,“version”:“7.1.0”},“timestamp”:1696763812016}}

However, plugging those coordinates on OSM gives me a route. Not sure what’s going wrong here as I thought ORS uses OSM in the backend?

Read the FAQ: FAQ | openrouteservice documentation

You’re giving ORS lat,lon, but it expects lon,lat. So for ORS flip your ordinates around, and then it should be able to give you a route.

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