Ordered route list from optimized waypoints

I have a quick question, I was wondering if there was a way once the route was made, to get out the waypoints in the order that they should be hit,
ie i do a start point 5 points of interest and a end point, and it tells me start point 5 3 1 4 2 end point,

Hi @ianmease8,

depends on the criteria of the order. If you want the shortest route between all of them, that’s what the /optimization endpoint is for.

We also have that functionality in our QGIS plugin if you’d rather use a graphical UI.

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Hi @amandus,
Thank you for your quick response, Please correct me if im wrong, /directions with optimized true, creates the path between locations, /optimization will tell you what jobs to do in the order to do them, is that a correct understanding? Thanks again for your help


the /directions endpoint doesn’t offer an optimized parameter, so I’m a bit confused as to where this is coming from.

When looking at the QGIS plugin, there is this issue regarding returning the order of waypoints.

Regarding the /optimization-endpoint, the response should include routes.steps, which will list all points that the vehicle will go through.
Additionally, you can use "options":{"g":"true"} to also get the route geometry.

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