Oracle JDK vs OpenJDK

Hello, is there any difference in term of performance and stability while using Oracle JDK or OpenJDK?

What do people use usually in production?


More details: my graphs generation process seems to be stuck after one hour of work with OpenJDK.

I’am working with europe-latest.osm.pbf (22.1 GBytes) so pretty large.

I have set -Xmx16G and -Xms16G, are they other peoples using OpenJDK with such large pbf files or shoud i consider the Oracle JDK.

Ps: my graphs folder only have gh.lock and my container has been running for 15 hours (i’am generating vehicles-hgv)


Docker logs:

tree /perm:

If you are building the whole of Europe then you need much more than 16GB RAM - our recommendation is at least twice the size of the PBF, so in your case at least 45GB should be given to the java heap, and not forgetting that you need some RAM leftover for your actual system.

When you have given enough RAM to the heap and restart the process, you can expect at least a day before you see things getting written to disk. If you have a monitor that can view the JMX information (I use VisualVM) from the instance, that is a good way to see if there is anything happening or not.

Thanks Adam for your answer, concerning OpenJDK and Oracle JDK you didn’t notice any difference in term of use (performance speaking) ?