I am getting this error. What is the maximum distance for routing using openrouteservice directions?

File “E:\Heatmap\env\lib\site-packages\openrouteservice\”, line 242, in _get_body
raise exceptions.ApiError(
openrouteservice.exceptions.ApiError: 400 ({‘error’: {‘code’: 2004, ‘message’: ‘Request parameters exceed the server configuration limits. The approximated route distance must not be greater than 6000000.0 meters.’}, ‘info’: {‘engine’: {‘version’: ‘6.5.0’, ‘build_date’: ‘2021-05-17T12:08:50Z’}, ‘timestamp’: 1622098849198}})


as stated in the error message, the maximum distance is 6.000 km.
You can find more information about this on our homepage.

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Thank you @jschnell, Will I be able to use any custom procedure to increase the maximum distance?

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Your only option to increase the maximum distance is setting up your own ors instance and increase the maximum distance in the configuration.

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