Openrouteservice v6.2.0 update

Hi everyone,

yesterday we released the 6.2 update to our core code. There were a number of fixes in this update that address some bugs that were identified including:

  • Bearings for bike profiles now work again
  • Enabled elevation interpolation when travelling along tunnels and bridges (no more jumps in elevation whilst inside a tunnel!)
  • Travel duration calculations have been fixed for green and quiet routing
  • HGV recommended routes working again

As well as these fixes, there have been some new additions to the code:

  • A maximum_speed parameter has been added to the API which allows you to specify the maximum speed that you can travel at
  • Polish translations have been added for routing instructions
  • A configuration parameter is available that smooths the elevation data used in assigning elevation to nodes

One important change that we have introduced is in regards to the different weightings that can be used for routing. Before there was the option on most profiles to select between fastest, shortest, and recommended. After going through the code and evaluating what these different weightings meant and did, we found that most of the time routes for fastest and recommended were either very similar or exactly the same. So to ease the pressure on machines running profiles, better facilitate algorithms like core-alt, and to generally make the user interaction and development simpler, we have deprecated the fastest weighting and now only support shortest and recommended. For now you can still pass fastest as a weighting, but it will automatically redirect to the recommended weighting, and in the future we will remove the fastest option from the API completely. So it is a good idea to make the switch from fastest to recommended as soon as possible.

As always, you can find a full list of changes in our Changelog.

We are currently in the process of building new graphs with this release, so you will start to see the updates appearing on our public API over the upcoming week.

Happy routing everyone.