Openrouteservice unable to route

Hi all
On some areas (french alpes) ORS is unable to route between start and end point, with exemple link
but OSRM route perfectly as shown here
So I think there is a issuewith the routing of ORS.
Resolving this will be very nice !

Hi @poubelle_83,

the reason that you can’t get a route in openrouteservice is that the path from Chemin de Navette to your end point is tagged as having a sac scale as demanding_alpine_hiking (sac scale 5). Currently, the highest sac_scale we go up to is alpine_hiking (sac scale 4) as after that the paths can get very demanding and we don’t want to send people unwittingly along a route that needs specialist equipment and training and can be particularly dangerous for those that are not prepared.

We are looking at implementing something in the future where it could be possible to include the more demanding sac scales and then allow users to deselect them at routing time, but currently this is not possible.

Hi Adam,

thank’s for your answer‌. I agree with the fact that’s it is sensible to apply this kind of limitation.
When do you plan to implement the evolution you describe ?
Is it possible, using OpenRouteService API, to overcom this limitation ?

Currently not as the bit that evaluates this happens right at build time, so any way with the higher sac scale would simply not be included in the graph.

We don’t have a definite time frame for implementing it at the minute as we have a number of other things that we need to be getting implemented. Feel free though to create a suggestion “issue” on our GitHub page with what you think the feature should do and then you can see any progress that is made. As I said though, it’s not something that we would work on in the near future but maybe more of a longer term goal :slight_smile: