OpenRouteService ignores the ors-config.json file

When trying to start the OpenRouteService service with version 6.8.3, the service does not take the custom configuration file that I added in the conf/ors-config.json route
I need to use the configuration file to activate the walinkg profile, since that when it is built it only does it with the driving

Project structure:

ors-app    | 14:15:51.155 [localhost-startStop-1] INFO  org.heigit.ors.config.AppConfig - Loading configuration from /home/ors/tomcat/webapps/ors/WEB-INF/classes/ors-config.json


  "routing": {
        "sources": [
        "profiles": {
          "active": [

Hi @chjuca,
probably the discussion in this issue will help with your setup.

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