OpenRouteService for Android Studio


I’m new to OpenRouteService and this question may seem stupid for some people. I’m struggling to use OpenRouteService on and Android Studio app, the main issue for me is the lack of info/guidance to get to work on it. Everywhere I look there’s a ton of info about how to install stuff, but none of it says if it is for Android Studio (maybe it’s my lack of knowledge). If anybody knows how to get this to work on Android Studio painlessly please let me know, I tried to search for a Gradle type installation since it is the easy way and didn’t find anything.

The only function I need from ORS is to ask for a route between two coordinates and get the directions and stuff. Im working on a OSM based app. I’m really really new to this stuff, be kind please.




we don’t offer Android compatible packages.

However, doesn’t sound like you really need that. If you can live without offline navigation (i.e. your app would have to be connected to the internet to be able to calculate directions), then just call our APIs from within your app:{profile}/geojson/post

Note, if you use our services, you’ll have to live with a rate limit of 2500/day. In case you set up your own ORS instance on a server (affordable if the area you need is not too big, e.g. 1-2 countries), you can request without limits:

Not sure, if GraphHopper’s Android app offers offline navigation by now… Likely only with pre-built and distributed graphs (not like Google where you can run offline navigation dynamically for small areas):