Openrouteservice does not follow expected roads

Hi everyone,
I am new to openrouteservice and I love it.
I had a problem with my sample data.

If you check the attached image, you will see that:

  • colorful thin lines as osm data used in openrouteservice,
  • Thick red and orange lines as fastest and shortest routes,
  • red dots with labels as 111,222,333 as the points to be visited with order 111,222,333.
    The problem is -as u can see in the screenshot- the routing is not following the shortest path from point 111 to point 222. there are roads visible in the picture.
    Is there any filtering on usage of road data in openrouteservice such as “use only highways” or “no secondary roads are allowed”?
    Best Regards.

Hi @ihsankurt1,

depending on the profile you are using the routable graph for that profile includes a subset of suitable ways for that transport mode. Take a look at the tag filtering to see what the requirements for the ways are.

You can check the ways on the road you think it should take. If there is any segment on there that would be rejected or has something like access:no or access:private, the route won’t go through there.

Best regards