Openrouteservice backend in QGIS plugin

I am wondering if we can use the http://localhost:8080/ors as the base URL in the ORS tools plugin in QGIS. If so, how and does it require an API key?

Sure:) Just register another provider with that exact URL. No API key needed obviously.

Thank you for your reply. I did the same thing but its giving me an error. I don’t know if the error is internal or server-side. The service status shows “ready” and running at localhost 8080. PS. screenshot of the error

I am working on the sample data of Heidelberg city and the points also coincide with the data.

Oh damn, you’re right. That’s a client-side problem! It tries to retrieve the population for the isochrones which is not possible since this is an additional setup you’re lacking on localhost (we should make a short tutorial on how to deploy population locally though).

I’ll amend this week, maybe even today and publish a new version of ORS Tools.

thanks for the report!

Calculating routes and matrix works though right?

Thank you for a quick reply.

Yes matirx and Directions both work for all the travel options.

If you need anything from my side let me know. I will be happy to test out your deploys and fixes.

I can still see a limit of 50 waypoints for calculating directions or matrices. Is it due to hardware and processing restrictions? Can this limit be bypassed entirely to calculate say for 2000 waypoints

Change the app.config:

Hi Nils,

I updated the app.config file as you said but I am still getting a restriction error for more than 50 points.