One Way Streets that have been changed to 2 way

I am trying to create transit routes for Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501 USA, but your maps are showing incorrect information. The following 3 streets are displaying

3rd Ave S between S 12th St and S 21st St as ONE WAY West Bound and

4th Ave S between S 12th St and S 21st St as ONE WAY East Bound.

A St between Ave O W and Ave N shows as 1 Way South when it is in fact 2 Way traffic

These 2 streets were changed by the city a few years ago to 2 way traffic, how can I fix that?

Also, when I am trying to route, whenever I drag my route to use specific streets to make the route work more efficiently, the program adds stop points. I do not need the extra stop points, I just need the streets and intersections to work for me. I have to have ALL stops workout to where they are on the right hand side of my buses.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Larry J Juncker Sr

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this change hasn’t been reflected in the data underlying the ORS routing, which is the OpenStreetMap. You can change it there, since it is open VGI.
If you’ve never done so, there’s a beginners guide on the OSM wiki.

Regarding the “stop points”, this behavior is expected. Routes are calculated using a list of waypoints that should be respected during routing. You can disregard them in the treatment of the routing results - in fact, the result should have the information not containing any “extra” points other than the route geometry.

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Thank you…Your suggestion worked perfectly

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