One-way issue with Leaflet Routing control

I’m in a Leaflet Routing control with an Openrouteservice router.
When i build the route i get the directions without respecting one-way streets.
If i set the same path directly in i get the right directions.

instructions: true
instructions_format: text
geometry_format: geojson
preference: recommended
units: m
profile: driving-car
attributes: detourfactor|percentage

Any thoughts?

Thank you for your inquiry. Could you please provide an example query illustrating the issue? Thanks!

Can i publish my API key?

No need, just do the query on the and paste the resulting URL here.

I found the error comparing the 2 web addresses.
I was focused on parameters but the issue was related to the coordinates: the waypoints were swapped , that’s why the one-way street was in the driving path.
A trivial error kept hidden by the lack of something signaling the direction in the line path.
Thanx for your time.

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