One to Many Directions


I have 0000’s of one to many and many to many directions to compute and it’s taking too long (self hosted on linux machine with 6 core and plenty of RAM to spare) to return the results as I have to send an api request for each and every single route. I am averaging c. 100 requests processed per second.

Has someone successfully modified the source code to create a new api endpoint, to be able to return one-to-many directions, and if yes have you seen significant benefits from it, say 1000+ requests per s?


are you interested in the returned geometries, or just distances and travel times.
For the latter, have a look at the matrix endpoint.

For the former, what is your usecase, what do you plan on doing with the returned routes?
Can you elaborate a bit more on

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Hello and thank you for responding.

I compute road geometry stats (for which lat/lon, distance, duration, elevation, way type to detect ferry crossings info are needed) from a multitude of starting points (one mainly) to many destinations.
It all works fine and although ORS API is super fast, I can’t help but think there’s got to be a better way than sending thousands of http POST requests to my albeit multicore machine, when the route’s origin remains unchanged, hence the post for a one-to-many directions endpoint.

I’ve of course, tried using waypoints to reduce the number of requests but that appears self defeating as each direction request must be http POST-ed as a round trip.