Offline / Preload maps

Hi there,

is there any way to preload maps or similar?

If there is no hidden feature - where to start? Docker with some customisations would be an option

Any other tips or links? - I’m pretty much at the beginning

Background I wanna build a small navigation device (and more features…) for my bike on an raspberry pi or similar.
I love planning my routes with openrouteservice and don’t wanna miss it! And without exporting the gpx file and importing it in another tool (which changes my preplanned routes slightly sometimes) I could even use it on that fancy new device :wink:

You’re asking a lot of independent questions here;)

Maps: static rendered images in a particular style. Usually loaded dynamically by zoom and extent. If you’re interested in a small area, it’s best to build your own maps provider via mapnik or so on a particular zoom. Note, that can easily be a few GB (usually 256x256 px == 100mx100m on a medium-high zoom). You can also use MapSurfer, but that’s only running on Windows. Look into building your own map server, lots of literature out there.

Routing: To be offline, you’d need your area of interest as OSM data, which is held in memory of your device and used to calculate routes via ORS stack. That you can do with Docker (or other routings providers). Expect ~2-4 GB RAM for an area like Berlin for one profile, e.g. biking-road.

All in all that’s pretty involved. But doable.