Obvious path not found

Dear ORS staff,

ORS could not find a hikking path in the Swiss mountain with error code:
Code 2010: Could not find point 1: 8.2654090 46.7579160 within a radius of 350.0 meters.


Same problem in another place:

Is there a problem with path in the mountains, above a certain altitude ?

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If you select the hiking profile rather than pedestrian, you will get results for these routes. By default, the pedestrian profile will not take the user over any path that has been marked as a sac scale of “hiking” whereas the hiking profile goes up to “alpine hiking”

Thanks a lot, it solved my problem :slightly_smiling_face:

How can I get routes above “alpine hiking”?

In openrouteservice, you currently cannot. The only way would be to run it locally and adjust the code.

Thanks for the quick answer. Would it be very difficult to add another profile for difficult hiking? The problem is the data of osm is quite bad. There are lot of people not know what the SAC scale is for and how it is to applied. They tag average difficult paths as e.g. “demanding alpine hiking” and then it is not possible to plan a route.

There have been some discussions about the hiking profile and making it a bit more flexible, but I can’t say really when the results would make it into the code. Updating the code to allow a higher scale isn’t difficult at all, but making it flexible is much trickier… We have to be careful though with what we allow as obviously, a number of the tracks marked as difficult alpine hiking are correct, and we wouldn’t want to route people down those if they are not comfortable with them. The best solution is the one where users can specify which difficulty to go up to, but that’s the solution that is more hands on in terms of development.

In general though, we wouldn’t just be able to add a new profile because that would need additional resources (each profile needs a 128GB server to run)