Obtain snapped location data outside of matrix

I am passing lats and longs to the matrix endpoint, not for the purpose of obtaining a distance and duration matrix, but only because I want the information regarding the nearest public road.

For example, if I were to call the matrix function with “locations”: [152.683188, -27.307704] it would give me a result of
“location”: [152.682561, -27.306692],
“name”: “Northbrook Parkway, 31, 9”,
“snapped_distance”: 128.49

However I am limited when using this function. Because it calculates a full matrix, I can only send a few hundred records at a time. I’d love to instead provide a list of, let’s say 100000 lats and longs and retrieve a list of {location, name, snapped_distance} records in response. Or at least something that’s O(N).

Is there any way to do this without source code changes?