Not using bus lane despite bus being selected as vehicle


I am wondering if it is possible to find routes that include the use of bus lanes. Even when I select “bus” as the vehicle type, bus lanes are not used. If I set the starting point inside a bus road (bus road verified by checking map data on OSM), ORS still sets the starting point for the route to the nearest road accessible by the public. Is there any workaround?

Thanks in advance!


Hi David,

thanks for your feedback!

Could you maybe provide links to some examples illustrating the issue?



In the example above the route starts and ends on two different bus streets. As you can see, bus is selected as vehicle type. Still, ORS just calculates the route for the nearest road accessible to the public (red line to the right of the markers).

Thanks David!

Weird indeed, based on the tagging I would expect the bus lanes to be available to the bus profile. Would you mind opening an issue such that we can start looking into it?