NOOB isochrone question

Using JupyterLab to get an isochrone with the parameters below, but response.json says “Parameter ‘start’ is missing.”

The Github file does not show a ‘start’ parameter, just ‘location_type’. Where am I going wrong?

params = {
        'api_key': api_key,
        'locations':  [[long,lat]],
        'location_type': 'start',
        'profile': 'driving-car',
        'options': '{"avoid_features": ["ferries"]}',
        'range-type': 'time',
        'format': 'geojson',
        'range': [1800] # 30 minutes in seconds

Hi @chuckles,

do you want to post the full code snippet?
You are probably using the wrong endpoint. start is used for directions.

Best regards

Thank you @amandus, your comment was the nudge I needed!