Network Error in ORS Tool Plugin with local server

Following the SyntaxByte videotutorial I have the ORS services available through Docker.
By doing the checks from localhost (http: // localhost: 8080 / ors / v2 / status) everything is correct, and the service also responds to my requests on Postman.
However, when I try to add the new server to ORS Tool and launch the processing, I get an error like this:

I’m working with data from Delaware, no error in coordinates or similar.

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as the error message suggests, this looks like a provider configuration issue.
Did you set the provider correctly? Are you using a correct provider in your algorithm parameters?

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Good morning,

thanks for your kind response. Effectively, it was a very easy issue. I explain here in the case of further similar questions.

After have set ORS to run with docker, it is needed to correctly set the provider in ORS Tools. In provider settings add the localhost but pay attention to the port you’re using. Port 8080 where Tomcat is running works for me (not Port 8082).

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