Multiple routes

As part of a research roject at the University of Copenhagen, I need to run 350-400.000 direction between pairs of points. I know it’s beyond the freely allowd services. What would be the estimated price?

Hi @hsp did you get any further info on this? I am in a similar position for a research project, but perhaps not quite as many points as you! Did you manage to make contact via email? Thanks J

no. Sorry. No responce yet. I tend to opt for PostGIS/PGRouting vi the API

sorry, seems this all got lost in mail and messages somewhere.
In general, for university and research projects it can be possible in individual cases to increase the limit temporarily. Realistically though, 350,000 - 400,000 requests would go past our infrastructure capabilities, so for that you would need to look at running openrouteservice locally and doing the queries there