Memory calculation issues in the ORS

Hey team,
I’ve been stuck in the issue for a while, I’m using the usa-latest.osm file for the directions and only one profile is active which is driving-car. According to the calculation in the file, it would take around 19.2 GB of the RAM of my machine (9.6x1x2 = 19.2). But as I run it using docker-compose it goes to around 44 GB of RAM and at the end docker container crashes when I use the API for the processing. I’ve set the XMS: 1g and XMX: 45g. Can you help me with that?

Hi @owlly_one,

that first one is the minimum requirement for running. If you give it more ram, of course it will use more…
Could you provide the ors logs for the crashing instance?

thank you @amandus for your kind response, I don’t have logs now as I’d removed that container, but can you please help me set the profiles to driving-car I think maybe I’m making some mistake in that, kindly provide a code snippet or a snapshot to set the configuration in the compose file. Currently the compose file’s setting looks like this:

 ors.engine.source_file: /home/ors/files/us-latest.osm.pbf
      #ors.engine.graphs_root_path: /home/ors/graphs
      #ors.engine.elevation.cache_path: /home/ors/elevation_cache true 100000