Maxspeed for hgv-agriculture

Hello I hope you can help me,
I am writing a dissertation about navigating agricultural vehicles over the fields of a farmer.
Since they are often seperated and only connectetd through the road network it is interesting to find the fastest route from one field to the others.
I think that ORS offers quite a lot to manage this navigation of extraordinary vehicles.
But for finding the best route it is essentiel for me to regard the maximum speed of my vehicle.
For example in Germany agricultural vehicles have different authorized maximum speeds, depending on the vehicle-class: 25/40/60 km/h are the most important.
But depending on the vehicle also speeds within are possible, but never 80km/h.

If I want now to find the fastest route for my agricultural vehicle ORS uses the maximum speed of 80 km/h for hgv-vehicles on rural streets, as I see it.(Maybe there is already my problem?)
This creates a conflict when your vehicle is just allowed to drive a speed of for example 40km/h.
ORS will now choose the rural routes where you can drive 80km/h, although a direct route through agricultural ways with maximum speed of 50km/h might be faster for the vehicle,
because it is shorter and the vehicle can anyway drive just maximum 40km/h.

I hope you understand my problem and might can help.
Is there a way to create new vehicle-profiles?
Kind regards,

Dear Elias,

thank you for reaching out! If you just want to modify the speeds for a given profile, say hgv, you can edit heavyvehicle.json, and run a local ORS instance. For designing a completely custom-tailored profile you would need to edit the source code directly. A good starting point would be for example

Please note, however, that we are currently in the process of restructuring some of the hgv profiles in order to improve the routing results, see Feel free to comment there if you have any ideas on shaping the new agricultural profile. In particular, there are plans on including user-adjustable vehicle max speed, so stay tuned.


Thank you for your fast feedback. I will try to use ORS locally with my own modified vehicles!:slight_smile:
I will stay tuned!

I think this sounds like yet another reason to re-introduce the earlier removed option to set “max speed” manually for routing calculations. Not only for HGV’s but for any type of vehicles.

I guess there are countless reasons for users to want to chose a different maxspeed than the maxspeed included in the predefined vechicle profiles.

Thank you for your feedback! We acknowledge that there are use cases which would benefit from user-adjustable speed capping. Re-introducing this option, however, is not just a matter of simply restoring the original approach because of certain changes to the routing engine. Implementing the solution in the new algorithm has its own challenges and will take some time, see #480.




Hi, I actually got a similar problem: I have to move an agricultural vehicle with a maximum speed of 25 km/h over a distance of about 200 km. I would be happy, if you could implement a userdefined maximum speed, because this would be interesting for mopeds with speeds between 40 and 70 km/h too.

Thanks. Andreas

Or, introduce more vehicle profiles with their own predefined speeds.

  • Tractor - 25 km/h
  • Tractor - 50 km/h
  • Moped - 45 km/h

etc etc.

Now, the only thing I can choose from is bike (~25 km/h) or car (minimum min speed limited to 80). Neither is well adapted to moped speed of 45 km/h.