Maximum possible time value for Isochrones in .yml config


I am trying to build an Isochrones with range 180 in QGIS and have an error:
Feature ID None caused a ApiError:
400 ({“error”:{“code”:3004,“message”:“Parameter ‘range=10800.0’ is out of range. Maximum possible value is 3600.”},“info”:{“engine”:{“build_date”:“2024-01-09T15:07:34Z”,“version”:“8.0”},“timestamp”:1704884081528}})

I read issues and got answer like “If you wanna change range value you might deploy ORS localy”. I deployed it and dont know how to change this value, because all instructions say about .json config, but i have a .yml.
How can i change default time range value?



have a look here - this is the default config, anything is being overwritten by your ors-config.yml.

Lines 82 - 89 are the ones you’ll have to add to or change in your config.

Changes to our config system are coming to our backend docs soon.

Best regards

Thanks, that solved my problem.

Firstly, after your answer i tried to change application.yml and put it into volumes

  • ./ors-api/src/main/resources/application.yml:/home/ors/tomcat/webapps/ors/WEB-INF/classes/application.yml
    But after this actions app doesn’t start, last message in log
    ### openrouteservice configuration ###

So i read your message again and just copy lines 82 - 89 from application.yml into ors-config.yml in ors tree and it solved my problem. I checked application.yml inside the container and new lines weren’t overwritten, they were just added after old ones.