Matrix with origens different from destinations

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For a routing problem with more than 50 locations I want to determine the distance between all locations with ORS using a Matrix. However, I saw that in the Matrix every point in locations is paired with each other. This would make it for example not possible to determine the distances between locations 1 to 50 and locations 51 to 100, in case of 100 locations. It is also not possible to determine it with Directions as this would take 50 * 50 * 2 = 5000 requests and the max daily quota for Directions is 2000.
Is it possible to set up a Matrix request where the From locations are different than the To locations?

From/To Locations 1 to 50 Locations 51 to 100
Locations 1 to 50 Possible Not Possible
Locations 51 to 100 Not Possible Possible


when issuing a matrix request, you can set a subset of the locations as sources and another as destinations. Have a look at the API docs on how to do that.

I hope that answers your question :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Now the meaning sources and destinations is clear and it is working!

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