Matrix distance and time calculations

is there any details on how the distance and travel time is calculated for the matrix? i have tried cross referencing results with other sources with varying success.


matrix uses the same graph as routing does, but a different algorithm. Distances and durations returned should nevertheless be the same, but might differ due to preferences given to the routing endpoint.

What “other sources” did you try coss-referencing the results with, and what are the issues that arose?

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i had been cross checking some routes with google maps, i am unsure how the distance is calculated. are the results in the matrix based on the quickest route for a selected mode of transport? or is is based on shortest possible route?


the matrix endpoint uses the recommended preference, meaning that it also takes into account how well certain streets are suited for the used mode of transport, assigning a priority to each street.
This priority is then used in combination with the “fastest” option to yield a recommended route.

Please note that google maps uses different data than the openrouteservice, (most notably live traffic information) so differences are to be expected.

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Thanks for your help with this.


Hi @jschnell,

I had the same question about the computation of distances, so I’m glad this was answered! I was wondering, additionally, if there is any way to change the matrix endpoint preference to “shortest”. I’m interested in the shortest paths for my project, and it would be really helpful to get a distance matrix that computes this. Is this supported for matrices, or do you have any other idea on how to implement this besides manually creating a matrix of distances from the directions service? Please let me know, and thanks very much in advance!

Ah, I see now you answered this question in another post. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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@mason can you plz mention that post here?